our company

It is super oriented to help our clients as much as possible and as fast as possible, we do all on our power to have you back in business and return you device full tested

Computer Repair

Any issues on Windows or Mac computers PC or Laptop, we handle full Software and Hardware repairs

Sale of components

In case your repair needs a part we will order for you with our expedite service, or we will provide a new device

Warranty service

15, 30, 60, 90 Days even one year all depends the repair or parts we replace base on the vendor

Customer-oriented service

Your satisfaction is more value than anything you provide onsite visits onsite diagnostics we pick up and return as soon the project is done

High standards

We keep you informed with pictures, text messages, we do deep clean on every single device we work on at no extra charge, we teach you how to prevent future issues we make sure you are happy before we ask for payment


We work with many level of clients data and computer issues, or mission is fix the machines and not sneak on your data, we don’t care what you have we don’t share no body  name address or info to no body we are top secret service also we don’t judge your computer or device use habits


We have all the pleasure to say we can do any repair on any device of any bran, any color, any model, any language, any issue, and most of the time in 24hrs unless we have to order parts

We do not only repair computers,
but also sell them

There is many stores around and many options to get your own computer, but we may find the computer that will be good fit for your work and requirements even if you want just upgrade or replace for the new technology like printers, router, wifi, and others

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What people say

Hundreds of satisfied customers most of them on Google and Yelp

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Enough suffering with a weak computer!

Do the work faster – update your computer or buy a new one from us.