Mac & PC

Windows or Mac Software or Hardware we can handle all versions and find the solution fast and provide the best warranty


Even with this new technology, we can handle all repairs and replace  many defective or broken parts 🙂


Windows or Mac we can handle any issue as fast as possible even if we have to order parts also provide the best warranty

Home and Office

A computer is a computer, and most of the issues are similar, so we help you at your home or office not a problem

Gaming systems

We have many happy Gamers  professionals and amateurs, we play for too long and we know what is necessary and the issues when something doesn’t play any more

POS systems repair

There is many different systems for Restaurants and business, but if has software and hardware….. yes !  we can  fix  and do full Maintenance

our company

We will listen, we see, we touch, we taste, we feel, we follow, we do all in our power to get the best and fast solution to your needs, we recommend you and we wait for your final decision, we will never force you to take the decision right the way


Full service for any Windows or Mac computer issues, with software or hard ware issues as fast as 24hrs most of the cases

of components

There will be cases that we consider not worth to repair, so we can find another system for you


our best warranty is… we will do you make you happy and get back to work as soon is possible we offer different warranties

oriented service

Most of the times we will do more that you ask like deep clean on all services at no extra charge, you happy face is or target


We service any issue, we repair any device, we do all on our power to solve the issue that will try to stop your regular use of your device, we can handle any brand, any model, any issue, any repair, any language and more

We not only repair computers,
but also sell them

We sell computer equipment and accessories with worldwide delivery, both in retail and in bulk (its own affiliate network). Served over the past year 120 100 customers. Of these, 70% return to us again. We work in the IT market since 1987, online sales since 2008.
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What people say

Hundreds of satisfied customers, most of then in Google and Yelp  with 5 stars  🙂

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 We are trusted

Our regular customers will ask if we work on a specific brand, yes !!  we can handle any brand any model any issue, this logos are trademark and has  registered rights, are here just to give you a idea, and there is more brands that we can work on it and repair 

Enough suffering with a weak computer!

Do the work faster – update your computer or buy a new one from us.