Virus / Malwares / Spywares / Trojans / other Infections


Most of the infections are on Windows computers

Even that everybody says Mac is safe…. yes !! we have to clean some of them

Lets say we have virus or infections from the first time we turn the computer brand brand new.

Today we have so many different infections that a cheap regular antivirus will not detect and also will not remove, that is why with the time passing  and working on the computer, we may notice your computer going slow and slow and slow, pop ups opening, advertisement, voices talking about infections, face Microsoft reports, Fake Microsoft support call now, Fake child porn messages, and any thing else this infections may do so you will call the number on your screen ha ha

We are the enemy number one of this issues, we don’t allow this issues, we will protect and remove all this  trash software and bad software infections from your computer, most of the times even you didn’t ask for it

When the computer has this issues for long time….. e will recommend to do a full back up and full reinstall so no future issues and we guaranty you will not have the issues for looooooooong time

Our prices

Pricing details for our services, base on the deep infection, base on what the system does, but if is too much we may ask you to just reinstall all from zero with previous back up of your data 

Unable to work? Your computer freezes?

We’ll help you get back to work. Fast and Qualitatively.