Liquid Spill

It is something super ultra extra common on Laptops, the attack to this devices and technology will generate that some times we eat and drink wile we play or work with the laptop, yes yes  accidents happen we know well 🙂 so here some recommendations and tricks how to act if this happen to you 🙂

This is what to do on this cases

  • – Unplug the power right the way
  • – Try to do the shutdown
  • – Try to remove the battery
  • – If doesn’t work the shut down… hold the power button until is totally down
  • – Flip upside down
  • – Put many layers of paper towel this will suck the liquid
  • – Find somebody like us or better to open the laptop or cellphone to remove any liquid from inside
  • DO NOT try to power again
  • DO NOT use hair dryer  you will push the liquid in to more issues
  • DO NOT put in rise,  the rise is just to make food  and to trow on weddings ( and is not a joke 🙂  )
  • DO NOT trust on liquid or leave for more than 24 hrs with out service worse if is a Mac laptop

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