Keyboard repair

There is many different issues that may affect to the regular function of your keyboard most of them on your laptop, this are because we eat, drink and work, close to the laptop, also because our babies they like to rip off the key’s :-), excessive dust, excessive hair, excessive lint, liquid spill, and liquid that was not spill ūüôā

Most of the times we will recommend to replace the full keyboard, that way we will not face future issues or   malfunctions on the keyboard

With the technology changing everyday….. some of the laptops will need to replace¬† all the palm rest because most of the new models¬† are build that way to reduce the parts and connectors, so most of the mac laptops will come¬† palm rest, keyboard and track pad in one piece, please take note of this info some of this repair can be very expensive

Our prices

Pricing details for our services, base on the difficulty and the parts prices from the vendors who may have it, 

most of the replacements labor cost are 120.00 for Windows  and 180.00 for Mac

# Service Price
1 Windows Keyboard estimate cost $40 to 200
2 Windows palm rest full keyboard and mouse pad $80 to 250
3 PC keyboard Regular to Gaming $25 to 300
4 Mac Keyboard full palm rest and track pad $120 to 500

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