Crack screen digitizer

Also a regular issue on laptops and mobile devices, not to much on TV’s but may happen :-), if is a TV……  lets call out  and  DO NOT try to fix it, you will spend money on diagnostics Only, every single technician knows, there is no way to fix a crack TV screen because it is not cost effective, but….. you are welcome to spend the money to make sure :-).

Crack screen on laptop it is more regular repair, there is many different sizes and types and qualities that the replace part will mark the final cost of the repair, most of the vendors are online, and we have to order from them, because the factory will never sell the repair parts to us or  any client, if you have insurance with the vendor, then they will send a technician to do the replacement or they will ask you to send out  for 3 weeks maybe, so…  you are welcome to wait that much of time 🙂 and maybe just expend the shipping cost only.


The new era of laptop screens are more difficult and  the ones they come with the digitizer already build up in one piece, so some times are very difficult to replace the glass only or the display only, so they will force us to replace the full LCD display lead, on new Windows laptops and all  Mac laptops, no way to go cheap repair, some times the only parts available are refurbished or used parts from online vendors, we have to be clear on this to keep our reputation intact 🙂


Most of the orders will take 3 to 5 to 15 even 30 days base on the location and availability, most of our vendors are in LA, NY, NJ, MI some are over seas China, Korea, United Kingdom so…. some times we need to be just relax and wait.

On mobile screens the vendors are too many, but most of them are bringing super ultra extra crazy cheap parts and copy of the copy  of the original screens, to keep the repairs super cheap and some times we don’t go that way unless you take the decision and risk to go with those parts you just need to be extra careful with the repaired device

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