Over heat / slow

Another regular issue, we explain that this happen because is kine of normal, the electronic devices most of the times has a fan or many fans to cool down the temperature of the machine, when this kick on the will force air from the surrounds to go inside the machine and…. will suck anything around and most of the times will remain inside and cause the over heat base on the accumulation inside and may affect to the speed and create blue screens, freeze up, crash, auto reboot or shutdown itself

Regular clean up

The power full cheap solution is dusting with compress air cans.

  • – Dust
  • – Lint
  • – Hair human or animal
  • – Smoke nicotine or incense
  • – Cooking oil

To prevent this try not to put the laptop or device on soft surfaces like sofa, bed, pillow, and others, try always to have on a hard surface like a book, shoe box, chopping board, bed table etc , this clean up we do once a year and takes 24 hrs

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